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Fedar sublimation fabric printer enters Polish market

10月 19, 21

Fedar sublimation printer is recruiting agents for Fedar sublimation printer all over the world. After getting in touch with the Polish customer, we actively solved the customer’s questions and gave a realistic printing plan and printer model based on experience. The customer was very satisfied with our pre-sale service, and finally established a close cooperative relationship with us and applied for us Agent in Poland.



FD6194E dye sublimation printer is an industrial printer. Its magnificent appearance, stable structure and extraordinary printing effect make it popular among customers. Equipped with 4 original Epson print heads and the printing width of 1.9 meters can easily complete the customer’s printing work and quickly improve the performance.


Before each Fedar sublimation fabric printer is shipped, we will pack the printer very well, and take a photo for the customer to confirm. After the customer receives it, we will also arrange for on-site training, installation and commissioning of technical personnel, and provide professional solutions to the technical problems encountered by the customer during use.