Enamel (Glass-fused/Vitrious) in Art

The repeated art symposium, VÍTKOVICE SMALT ART, has become an exclusive platform for creating a new direction of fine art, technological quality in art. This platform connects artists using the new enamel technology. Enamel becomes a technology that can link painting, sculpture architecture and design. Plain tiles for enamel tanks are commonly made, and unusual and worldly unique artworks are all created at once.

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http://www.ostravan.cz/21407/smaltovnu-obsadili- spickovi-maliri- a-lubomir- typlt-chvali-bombasticke-vitkovice/

https://www.ostrava.cz/cs/o-meste/aktualne/obrazy- ze-sympozia- vitkovice-smalt- art-pred- radnici

http://forum24.cz/smalt-art- aneb-co- se-delo- ve-vitkovickych- zelezarnach/

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