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Ing.  Petr Podaný

Leader in Surface Treatment

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A partial part of our company is the Surface Protection section for the realization of the surface modifications of the structures and parts with the preferred use of the hot- diped / thermal spraying technology.

The coating can be made for each base material – the process takes place at a surface temperature of up to 150 ° C

The size of the coating surface is in the range from fractions to tens of m2

The injection process is reproducible with a consistently high quality standard

Wide range of application – a unique combination of spray technology and additive material creates a unique coating on the surface

Design and construction of coatings meeting the resistance specified by customer requirements


We make thermal sprays in both the production plant and the assembly process at the customer.

A wide range of types of protective coatings, with different strengths in areas of combined physical and chemical loading of the surface in the operating environment.



Member of GTS EUROPE (European Fusion Spray Association)

Deutche Bahn AG a

The basis for the stable and high quality of the products and services offered is of course the established management system according to the standard: EN ISO 9001: 2008

EN ISO 14001: 2004

BS OHSAS 18001: 2007



  1. A) types of surface protection material

Metal and non-metal




  1. B) spraying technology

Flame – additional materials / wire, cord, powder /

Electric arc / wire /

High-speed HVOF / Powder /

Tinting – reworked coatings / powder, cord /

C) production capacities of the center

Abrasive corundum blasting

Production according to ČSN ISO 8501

Max. Parts dimensions 5 x 4 x 16 m

Special blasting to the required roughness on the shape-defined surfaces

Internal pipe blasting – production according to ČSN ISO 8501

Inner surfaces of straight pipes from D90 – 900 mm

Internal surfaces of tubular arcs / bends min. 3D, 90 ° / from D209 – 900 mm

Abrasive blasting with cast iron crushing

DBS 100 RSC cab

Max. Product dimensions D 400 – 2500 mm

Weight up to 1000 kg

Metallization – anticorrosive protection

Production according to ČSN EN 22063

Implementation of spraying according to ČSN ISO 14 918

Max. Construction dimensions 5 x 4 x 16 m and weight up to 20 t

Special hot sprays

Production technology according to ČSN EN 657

Max. Dimensions of sheet constructions 3 x 5 x 11 m, weight up to 20 t

Max. Dimensions of rotating parts D 800 – 3000 mm weight up to 2 t

Max. Construction dimensions 5 x 4 x 16 m and weight up to 20 t

Industrial coatings

Production according to ČSN EN ISO 12 944

Max. Construction dimensions 5 x 4 x 16 m and weight up to 20 t


  1. Corrosion (atmospheric, industrial and oxidative)

It protects the product in a barrier-free manner while maintaining the defined mechanical properties of the surface

Material application:

Metals Zn, Al-, Cu

Zn-Al-, Ni-Mo-Al, NiCr, MCrAlY

  1. Heat load (temperature resistance, thermal insulation, thermal conductivity)

Coatings based on refractory metallic materials in combination with ceramic materials in the temperature range 700 – 1300 ° C

Material Applications: MCrAlY, NiAL, NiCr

Heat-resistant alloys

Ceramics Al2O3-SiO2, Al2O3-MgO, ZrO2

  1. Mechanical load (hard, abrasion-resistant)

The effects of each type of stress are eliminated by creating a thick, tough and hard layer of up to 60 HRc on the surface of the product in thicknesses of several tenths of a millimeter

Material Applications: Metals Mo

Carbide WC-Co, WC-NiCr, Cr2C2-NiCr

Ceramics Al2O3-TiO2

Coated Ni-Cr-Si-B, Ni-WC, Ni-Cr-Si-B-WC coatings

Stellity Co-Cr-W

  1. Tribological properties (sliding, abrasion and erosion)

Coatings of tin bronzes, molybdenum or Ni-graphite composites significantly reduce the friction coefficient

Material Applications: Cu-Sn, Cu-Al, Cu-Zn bronze compositions

Moles of Mo

Ni-C Ceramics

Carbides Cr3C2-NiCr, WC-Co, WC-NiCr

Carbides Cr3C2-NiCr, WC-Co, WC-NiCr

Nickel alloys Ni-Cr-Si-B, Ni-WC


  1. Electrical loads (conductive, dielectric, antistatic, electromagnetic)

Coatings with specific properties for energy transfer to the surface of the part

Thermal Induction of Metals Cu



  1. Renovation technologies

Recovering a part function, undercutting the workpiece, for example on a diameter or area in the case of wear below the lower limit of the nominal dimension (in the thickness range from several tenths of a millimeter to several millimeters)

Addition materials for applications are listed only in a minimum number. The worldwide assortment of additive materials production offers a plethora of alternative alloying compositions and, therefore, the special properties of the formed coating.


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