Firewater tanks, sprinklers


Glass-fused to steel tanks can be used as a stable fire tank for sprinkler systems. They are designed as aboveground cylindrical tanks. Modular construction allows the construction of 6 m3 tanks up to a 4500 m3 tank.

The tank forms a concrete floor made of either waterproof concrete or with an impermeable foil. The shell of the tank is made of bolted glass-fused to steel sheets sealed by silicone sealant. The roof is light from corrugated sheet metal. Accessories includes an exit ladder on the roof, inspection inputs, vent head, flange neck and overflow piping. The components of the delivery can be, according to the customer’s request, combination of thermal insulation with electric heating.

The advantages of these tanks includes:

– quick assembly

– installation in difficult-to-reach areas (eg cellars)

– durability of surface protection

– Quick liquidation in case of system cancellation

– multiple use

Our tanks will satisfy all requirements for water storage for stable fire extinguishing systems.

Tank construction is performed according to EN standards, or according to FM Global Standard.