WWTPs with a range of 5000 to 100,000 equivalent inhabitants and larger.

The WWTP design is always tailored according to the customer’s requirements.

The characteristic feature of the treatment plant is the biological double-tank consisting of concentrically arranged activation and settling tank. The activation tank may be technologically designed for the removal of nitrogen in the form of pre-denitrification (D-N) or sludge regeneration (R-D-N). The aeration of the tank uses computer-controlled fine-bubble aeration, which guarantees high efficiency and low operating costs. The sludge management of these treatment plants can be solved according to size by aerobic stabilization of the sludge in separate sludge tanks or anaerobic sludge stabilization with subsequent use of biogas. The WWTP is thus supplemented with self-digesting tanks.

The HYDROVIT® P wastewater treatment plant is not only designed for sewage treatment, but also finds its use in cleaning wastewater from slaughterhouses, breweries, dairies, sugar factories, canning factories, canes and other types of pollution in the food industry.


Babice, Czech Republic

Jablanica, Bulgaria

Panagjuriste, Bulgaria

Knezha, Bulgaria

Pirdop, Bulgaria

Sopot, Bulgaria

Libye , Biwater Omar, Zaniat